Month: October 2020

Ponpu pushed to early December and G-Loot collaboration announcement

Today Purple Tree Studio shared the following to their Steam community:

We have some very exciting and some not so exciting news

Let’s start

We’re not going to be able to launch Ponpu on November 5th as we intended.
We want to give this game the best possible chances to succeed, and that unfortunately means that we will postpone the launch a couple of weeks. We are super bummed about this, but we want to make Ponpu the absolute best it can be for you guys.

Now for the cool news

We’ve teamed up with G-Loot, one of the leading companies when it comes to organizing e-sports and community competitions to have one of the coolest launch events (maybe ever) on Steam!

More details will come very soon, but in a nutshell Ponpu will launch with a community competition where players will compete to try and be one of the first 150 people to win a certain number of online multiplayer matches. The lucky ducks who win, will all get to share a prize pool of real cash, courtesy of G-Loot’s cool tech which makes the whole process super smooth!

We really hope that this tiny delay doesn’t overshadow this awesome competition, as we are super stoked to be able to give back the the players with this.

More info to come really soon!

Dustoff Z is out now!

We’re super excited to announce that Invictus Games’ Dustoff Z launches today!

Battle the undead hordes in scrappy choppers as you try to rebuild humanity, while also getting to the bottom of the virus outbreak. Dustoff Z launches today on Steam, Switch and Xbox One. The Playstation version will take off very soon!

The game is now available for purchase! Click here to check out the game’s landing page for links and new launch trailer release!

Ponpu releasing November 5

We’re super excited to share that Ponpu will blast its way to consoles and PC November 5!

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