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Release Date, New Trailer and Nintendo Switch Demo for The Lightbringer revealed

Coming to Nintendo Switch and Steam on October 7th!

Zordix Publishing and Polish developer Rock Square Thunder are excited to announce the release date and a free Nintendo Switch demo for The Lightbringer with a new gameplay trailer!

The poetic puzzle-platformer, fully written and voiced in verse, will be available October 7th on Nintendo Switch and Steam. Players can find out how The Lightbringer‘s journey begins with a free demo on Nintendo Switch, which is also available on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1561660/The_Lightbringer/
Check out the new trailer: https://youtu.be/OiQURr2P_lE

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Zordix Publishing and Rock Square Thunder presents: The Lightbringer

A poetic platform/adventure puzzle game coming this year to Nintendo Switch and Steam.

We’re super excited to announce Rock Square Thunder’s first game: The Lightbringer, coming this year to Nintendo Switch and Steam! You can check out the official site and sign up for the newsletter here.

Go on a cute but epic adventure as you become The Lightbringer  destined to cleanse a malicious corruption that has claimed your world. Explore each level to gather enough light motes to cleanse the corrupted monolith at the center, allowing you to continue your journey. 

Your sister’s spirit guides you through the game, commenting on your victories, challenges and defeats. She is fully voice acted and speaks in verse throughout the entire game.  

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Ponpu is Out Now!

Bombs on!
Ponpu is now available on Nintendo Switch, Steam, Playstation and Xbox!

Check out the new Launch Trailer!

Save the universe from the almighty duck god before engaging in frantic multiplayer madness with up to 4 people – in your living room or online!

To celebrate the Steam launch, we’ve teamed up with G-Loot to host a super cool launch competition! Click here to check out the competition!

Captain Sabertooth and the Magic Diamond is Out Now!

Today is the day we set off on the anticipated pirate adventure with Captain Sabertooth!

Today we launch Captain Sabertooth and the Magic Diamond! Along with the devs over at Ravn Studio and Rock Pocket Studio, we are super excited to have reached this moment!

The game is live on Nintendo Switch and Steam!

A huge thanks goes out to our enthusiastic Discord Community in the Sabertooth discussion channel! Awesome fanart and tributes to Captain Sabertooth and his crew, I highly recommend checking our Discord-channel out!

Check out the Captain Sabertooth and the Magic Diamond Launch Trailer

Captain Sabertooth coming 20th November

We are happy to announce the launch of Captain Sabertooth is set for the 20th November! Check out this release date announcement trailer we just posted on YouTube: https://youtu.be/wL38TIWkKzo

Set sail towards adventure as Captain Sabertooth and the Magic Diamond launches on Nintendo Switch and Steam November 20th!

For more info visit: http://playcaptainsabertooth.com/



Ponpu pushed to early December and G-Loot collaboration announcement

Today Purple Tree Studio shared the following to their Steam community:

We have some very exciting and some not so exciting news

Let’s start

We’re not going to be able to launch Ponpu on November 5th as we intended.
We want to give this game the best possible chances to succeed, and that unfortunately means that we will postpone the launch a couple of weeks. We are super bummed about this, but we want to make Ponpu the absolute best it can be for you guys.

Now for the cool news

We’ve teamed up with G-Loot, one of the leading companies when it comes to organizing e-sports and community competitions to have one of the coolest launch events (maybe ever) on Steam!

More details will come very soon, but in a nutshell Ponpu will launch with a community competition where players will compete to try and be one of the first 150 people to win a certain number of online multiplayer matches. The lucky ducks who win, will all get to share a prize pool of real cash, courtesy of G-Loot’s cool tech which makes the whole process super smooth!

We really hope that this tiny delay doesn’t overshadow this awesome competition, as we are super stoked to be able to give back the the players with this.

More info to come really soon!

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