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Zordix Names New Board Member Stefan Lampinen With Legendary Games Industry Background

Stefan Lampinen has been proposed as a new board member of the listed Swedish game company Zordix AB (publ) to be included at the Annual General Meeting on 7th May 2020.

Zordix Publishing reveals: Hit game Pinchcliffe Grand Prix to get spiritual successor on Nintendo Switch and PC

Zordix Publishing has today signed a new publishing deal with the Norwegian game developer Ravn Studio to publish Ravn’s new game Pinchcliffe Grand Prix in 2021. It is revealed that the game is under development for Nintendo Switch and PC as Zordix Publishing’s biggest project thus far.

All members of staff at Zordix, Dimfrost and Invictus to work from home until further notice

In an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19, we have today made the decision to have all members of staff at Zordix, Dimfrost and Invictus work from home until further notice. It is important for us to protect the health of our staff, as well as that of our wider community. We will continue to stay vigilant and take any further action as is deemed necessary. Take care and stay safe.

In Swedish;

För att minska spridningen av COVID-19, så har vi idag tagit beslutet att låta samtlig personal på Zordix, Dimfrost och Invictus arbeta hemifrån tills vidare. Det är viktigt för oss att skydda vår personals hälsa, men även den i vår omgivning och samhället vi lever i. Vi kommer att fortsätta hålla oss väl informerade om virusets spridning och vidta ytterligare åtgärder om det skulle vara nödvändigt.

Zordix Publishing and Pixadome release Hayfever on Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Steam

The precision-platformer Hayfever, published by Zordix Publishing and developed by Swedish studio Pixadome is being released today on all major platforms: Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. Hayfever is a challenging platformer game with charming retro style graphics where you play as the allergic mailman Thomas, who is able to turn his allergen into superpowers. As Thomas you traverse 4 worlds stylized after the four seasons of the year.  

The game has already been very well received by both casual and hardcore players and streamed by the likes of Dextertybonus on Twitch. The game is now out on the western markets. The Japanese version will be launched mid-March together with Sticky Rice Games.

Zordix Publishing to release Ravn Studio’s Captain Sabertooth and the Magical Diamond on Nintendo Switch in fall 2020

Zordix Publishing has today signed a new publishing contract with the Norwegian studio Ravn Studio. Zordix will work together with Ravn to launch their adventure game Captain Sabertooth and the Magic Diamond on the Nintendo Switch in fall 2020.

Zordix Publishing and Pixadome are happy to announce the release date for Hayfever: Sneezing begins February 25, 2020!

Zordix Publishing and Pixadome can today happily announce that the game Hayfever- the first title from Swedish developer Pixadome is dropping on all major consoles and PC February 25, 2020.

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