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  • G-Loot competition Ponpu

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  • Captain Sabertooth

    coming 20th November
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  • Ponpu

    Egg-splosive mayhem
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  • Dustoff Z

    Maneuver the Zombie Apocalypse
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  • Hayfever

    Unique and challenging platformer
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Pinchcliffe Grand Prix

Pinchcliffe Grand Prix lets the player build and race vehicles in a legendary tournament.

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publisher of awesome games

At Zordix, we have been developing and self-publishing games for over 11 years.

We know all the pains of being an up-and-coming developer. Handling all the stuff outside of game production can be extremely difficult, which is why we’re here to help!

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We offer several different types of funding for your project. From concept to simply porting to new platforms, we’re always open for different solutions.

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While you focus on making your game, let us handle the heavy lifting. We’re there every step of the way and take care of localizations, porting, partnerships, platform-relations and everything in between.

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Marketing & PR

We’re not here to take over your community, but would love to help you grow it! Zordix offers community services on all social media platforms. When the time comes to launch your title, we work non-stop with amazing partners to make sure that everyone who should know about your game, does!

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