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About the game

The Lightbringer is a story-driven adventure platform game, set in a beautiful world claimed by a vile corruption. Guided by your sister’s spirit, you must prevail where she could not. Cleanse the corruption, become The Lightbringer.

Dear Brother,
When this letter reaches your hands,
I will no longer be protecting our lands.

With great sorrow I pass this duty onto you.
Do not be afraid, as I will guide you through.

You will travel these lands across the shores, across the skies.
I’ll be there for you, with all of my heart, kind words and eyes.

Ancient puzzles will challenge the mind.
Solve them all and see what you’ll find.

On your journey, you’ll face the corruption.
Fight it my brother, there’s no other option.

Lightbringer, your story is about to begin.
Do you have enough courage and light within?


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Switch & Steam


7th October 2021


Rock Square Thunder


Zordix Publishing

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