Zordix Publishing to release Ravn Studio’s Captain Sabertooth and the Magical Diamond on Nintendo Switch in fall 2020

Zordix Publishing has today signed a new publishing contract with the Norwegian studio Ravn Studio. Zordix will work together with Ravn to launch their adventure game Captain Sabertooth and the Magic Diamond on the Nintendo Switch in fall 2020. 

Captain Sabertooth is a Norwegian IP that’s incredibly popular in especially Norway, but also the other Nordic countries. Sabertooth is a pirate captain, always on the hunt for treasure and adventure. The IP is more popular than ever with new films coming out in cinemas worldwide, and music that’s being streamed more than 12 million times per year. 

The game is made for the younger generation of gamers, ages 6 and up. Both Zordix and Ravn believes that parents who grew up with games themselves demand higher quality games for their children. Releasing in fall 2020, Captain Sabertooth will deliver an enjoyable experience that the whole family can enjoy together.

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